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Cafe and Restaurant

Shop fronts

Private cottages

One-room apartment design in Solomiansky District of Kyiv

Sorry, for the moment this material is available in Ukrainian and Russian only

Other materials of this section

 Design project for one room apartment and its realization

На подиуме можно разместить не только кабинет, но и детскую

В перегородку между комнатой и коридором вставлены стеклоблоки
Отремонтированная кухня

Design of small apartments is rather difficult, but it's an extremely interesting and thankful deed.

Here we present a design project for a one-room apartment (so called guest apartment). No global replanning, only original approach ...


 Planning decisions for a one-room apartment

One-room apartment, chech project, 34 sq.m

Один из вариантов функционального зонирования в однокомнатной квартире
One of the functional zoning in a one-room apartment

The engagement was as follows: maximal number of planning and functional decisions for a one-room apartment, so called chech project with the total area of 34 m2.

Our designer proposed 10 variants. And it's not the limit...


 Participation in tender for business center design

 Входная группа будущего бизнес-центра
 Дизайн-проект бизнес-центра. Реконструкция потолка и преображение коридора
Таким мы видим будущий бизнес-центр Our team was proposed to participate in a tender for the best draft project of a business centre. The company is going to renovate administrative premises of the plant and use this building as business centre. The task was rather laconic: a draft of the entrance group with checkpoint, possible front views, modern interior with high tech-elements, minimal charges in realization.

Our understanding of a business centre is the essence of business itself: systematic and clear character on the one hand, dynamism and rapidity on the other hand. And of course, there is no business without some extraordinariness and hazard ...


 Small apartment for a large family - interior project and its realization

Маленькая гостиная в маленькой квартирке для большой семьи

Праздничная прихожая в маленькой квартирке для большой семьи
Маленькая детская в маленькой квартирке для большой семьи

"The most important is to have a warm, soft and comfortable place", said the mistress of the house. Besides, it was necessary to accommodate comfortably three children and their parents. It should be taken into consideration that the family is extremely hospitable: guests are always welcome here. The guests are usually numerous - two grandmothers, two grandfathers, two godmothers and two godfathers of every child, all godparents have their own family...


 Not a nursery for a young gentleman - design project

Декоративные ниши и низкая мебель, частично утопленная в фальш-стене вместе создают органичный и функциональный ансамбль

Кровать переместилась в более уютный уголок, а трубу отопления замаскировали под большим оригинальным светильником
Удобный компьютерный стол, окрашенный яркой краской гипсокартонный короб, на котором закреплены лаконичные светильник, натяжной потолок – все эти элементы придают интерьеру современности

A seven years old boy, whom this room was assigned to, has suddenly become almost adult. It's clear that a young gentleman of 15 will not any more like the clowns on the walls...


 Attorney office
Офис юридической фирмы. Комната переговоров

Our task was to arrange working places in the office of a private law company. We were to find place both for the employees and for the customers. The head of the company appreciates his employees and wants them to feel comfortable. Besides, the director himself needs a separate room...


 Apartment in Prospect Peremogy, Kyiv - interior design

Гостиная - музыкальный салон

Ванная комната
Камин из белого мрамора
A couple of musician often arranges home concerts and parties for friends.  They give many performances on a tour and are accustomed to regular changes of interiors and impressions. Therefore they want to avoid routine and monotony in their own flat. That was the reason why they prefer different style and color for each room...

Read more ...

 Arabica Cafe
 Кафе "Арабика"

Blinking walls, tables illuminated from inside, luxurious silk benches, pleasant smell of Arabic coffee... Stylistic decision for this cafe originates, most probably, from eastern fairy tails than from real architectural traditions...



 3 bedroom apartment in Panasa Myrnogo St., Kyiv - interior project

Прихожая. Вид 1


Owners of this apartment in a prestigious newly-erected building are young and successful. They want to have a stylish modern home that would not be like  the  others. Principal demands to the project were as follows: no changes in functional usage of premises, large living-room with minimum furniture, construction of a pantry  for household and 4 bicycles (it's a special pleasure for parents and both daughters to cycle on weekends). But ideal interior is imagined by  the couple quite  differently...              


 Psychologist`s office

 Кабинет психологической разгрузки. Помещение для индивидуальных консультаций
 Кабинет психологической разгрузки. Рабоее место психолога
Кабинет психологической разгрузки 

Officers of this institution constantly run risk, their profession involves physical and psychological tension. Where can they relax, feel quiet and safety after the full day of pressure and exhausting work? Not in the office, of course. Therefore we decided to get rid of official walls ...


 Extreme living-room - interior draft

Гостиная для экстремаловForms and colours chosen for this living-room are really unusual and to some extent extremal. But they were defined by the character, life style and interests of the owner of this room and his friends...


 Apartment in Pirogov St., Vinnytsia, design project

Кватрира "Добро пожаловать на праздник". Спальня

Прихожая. Вид на гостинную.
Детская комната

We named this project "Festive apartment". A young couple with a little daughter are going to move to this place. Both clients work much and actively. Therefore it was necessary to make them leave all corporate problems behind the entrance door. When you just come in, you will immediately be impressed by bright colours and a feeling of festival ...



Festive apartment
Pirogova St., Vinnytsya

Marina Gubarets

 Services for everybody!
reasonable price
for designer's

3 bedroom apartment in P.Myrnogo St., Kyiv

4-х комнатная квартира на ул. П.Мырного в Киеве

Marina Gubarets

 Handmade Decoration
for Sale



Arabica Cafe

Кафе "Арабика"

Marina Gubarets


Apartment in Prospect Peremogy, Kyiv

Ванная комната

Marina Gubarets

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